In addition to our LCBO and SAQ carried products, we are also the exclusive Ontario representatives of the following beers.

  Ekstra -
LCBO #698217

  Zelta Premium Lager - LCBO
Zelta Premium Lager 500 ml Cans LCBO #76190  **

Latvia Aldaris Porter, 500 ml

  Saku Originaal Premium Lager - LCBO
Saku Originaal Cans, 500 ml  
  Saku Porter, 500 ml  
Saku Kuld
  Saku Tume

  Lapin Kulta Ice
Lapin Kulta Strong
Lapin Kulta Long Neck

  Ochakovo Lager  - LCBO #70920
  Greenland Pale Ale, 500 ml  
Greenland Brown Ale, 500 ml

  Bayernbrau Weissbier, 355 ml  
Mexicali Pilsener
Mexicali Light
  Mexicali Dark
Red Pig Mexican Ale

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EKSTRA  -  Alcohol 5.2%
  LCBO product 698217

ŠVYTURIO EKSTRA belongs to “Dortmunder/European Export” class, it’s volume is 5.2%, the beer is of transparent golden colour. When poured, the glass will be decorated by a perfect thick white head. It is made of fresh malt, rice, bitter and aromatic hops, beer yeast and fresh water. It has an intense aroma of hops and rich long lasting taste that is empowered by slight bitterness generated by hops.

Brewed by: Svyturys Lithuania

Zelta Premium Lager  -  Alcohol 5.2%
  LCBO product 698563

"Aldara Zelta" beer is a medium strong light malt beer brand, with characteristic clear malt and hop flavour. The enjoyable taste is created balancing sweetness of malt and medium sourness of hop. Colour - golden yellow.

Brewed by:JSC "ALDARIS" 


Aldaris Porter Alcohol 6.8%

Aldaris Porter. Renowned British beer expert and author Michael Jackson describes Aldaris Porter as a “liquorice-tinged interpretation” of a “strong Baltic Porter.” He rates it between two and three stars out of four, a rating surpassed only by a couple of beers from the Baltic States.  

Brewed by:JSC "ALDARIS"  Latvia


Saku Originaal Premium Lager  - Alcohol 4.6%
LCBO product 612895

Saku Original has a sweet & light taste of hops with a full aroma and contains 4.6% alcohol. It is a beer that is best served between 7 and 8 degrees. In 1993 Saku  Original was rated by Estonians number 1 in quality, and has stayed Estonia's most popular beer since then.
Saku Original is an Estonian's first choice after work, during the summer, at sporting events, in the sauna, at a BBQ, and at parties. Saku Original is a beer that is a part of Estonia.Come and enjoy the tradition of long summer days of Northern Europe!

Brewed by:JSC "Saku Olletehase"


Saku Kuld – Alcohol 5.2%

A modern classic, the absolute elite of Estonian beers, a combination of Saku’s hundreds-of-years-old brewing traditions, and the newest technology.

With a rich taste, foam, and aroma, a delicate balance of freshness and mildness characterizes the taste of Saku Kuld. The freshness comes from Nordic oat malt and velvety smoothness is added to the refined bouquet by Hallertau hops. In addition, Saku Kuld is characterized by a clear colour and thick firm foam. Saku Kuld is sold in unique bottles with a relief of the Saku arms.

Brewed by:
JSC "Saku Olletehase"


Saku Tume - Alcohol 6.7%

Saku Tume is special dark brew with an excellent dark colouring and rich taste. For the preparation of Saku Tume, in addition to pilsner malt, Munich and caramel malt, as well as sugar.

A long lager period ensures a balanced taste and fragrance bouquet for Saku Tume.

Brewed by:
JSC "Saku Olletehase"


Saku Porter - Alcohol 7.5%

A unique dark beer with strong taste, is brewed of water, caramel, light and coffee malts, hop and yeast, however, only once a year – for Christmas.

Similarly to classical porters, Saku Porter is a strong full-bodied beer. A special jewel to Saku Porter is its high, rich, brownish foam.

Brewed by:JSC "Saku Olletehase" Estonia



Lapin Kulta Ice is frozen to sub-zero temperatures in the production process. The resulting ice crystals are then filtered out, giving the beer a slightly higher alcohol content.

The end result is an exceptionally smooth, refreshing and crystal clear beer.

Brewed by: Lapin Kulta Finland



The nearest store is sometimes far, far away in Lapland. When a grocery run involves trekking a couple of hundred of kilometers, you really start to think about what you want to carry.

The intense flavor and 8% alcoholic content of Lapin Kulta Strong was innovated with these conditions in mind. It’s worth the weight.

Brewed by: Lapin Kulta Finland



Lapin Kulta Long-Neck is the world’s most drinkable beer both for its bottle and its taste. It was designed for drinking straight from the bottle. Pouring this 5-percent strong brew in a glass would constitute a breach of etiquette. Grab it by the neck and enjoy.

Brewed by: Lapin Kulta Finland


Ochakovo Lager  - Alcohol 4.5%
LCBO product 70920

Russia's home brewed Ochakovo is certainly not a disappointing Lager, as Russia's number one independent brewery. Well poured into a glass, a pleasant golden colour, turning out a good head. A clean and crisp, refreshing taste remains from start to finish. Subtle hop and malt tones that do not overpower the flavor. BGS Intertrade Ltd. is their sole representative in Canada. Currently only Private Orders are accepted.

Brewed by:"OCHAKOVO"


Greenland Pale Ale - Alcohol 5.5%

 Pale Ale originally originates from England, but is today brewed on every continent. We have produced a Greenland version, which is unbelievably well suited to tasty Greenlandic lamb. The beer is a light ale with gentle malt flavors, a hint of caramel and an aromatic contribution from the hops, which helps to give the strong, fresh flowery bouquet. The taste is round and full without any intrusive bitterness.

Brewed by:
Greenland Brewery


Greenland Brown Ale  - Alcohol 5.5%

When Vikings came to Greenland, they also brought beer with them of course. This was the same beer that they had taken to England 100 years previously - a Brown Ale. We would describe the beer as a soft, brown, round and full beer. The flavor is sweet with notes of chocolate, roasted nuts and roasted coffee beans. The taste is characterized by fruit and an aromatic interplay between the hops and the many different types of malt.

Brewed by:
Greenland Brewery


Bayernbrau Weissbier

Our craft brew…is bright, deep red copper in color. This ale is very aromatic, intensely floral-hoppy, lightly sweet and malty.

This full bodied ale offers a very pleasant high bitterness, with smooth sweet malt character, creamy head with good carbonation, and with an excellent bitter sweet finish.

Brewed by: Bayernbrau Weissbier


Mexicali Pilsener  - Alcohol 5%

Original formula is bright deep golden yellow in color. The aroma is of sweet malt, lightly floral and hoppy.

The flavor reflects its hop bitterness; slightly sweet and just a perfect balance of two row barley malt, Chinook, Mt. Hood and Peerless hops that culminate to a very clean and semi-dry finish.

Brewed by: Mexicali Beer



Mexicali Light - Alcohol 3.2%

This is one of two new additions to the line up this year. This beer is very bright pale golden in color. The aroma is lightly sweet with obvious hops in the background. The flavor offers the bitterness from the hops, lightly sweet malt, smooth, light bodied and good carbonation making this a very refreshing and drinkable beer.

Brewed by: Mexicali Beer


Mexicali Dark - Alcohol 5.2%

What a beauty! The color is bright, clear, dark brown. The aroma is lightly sweet, pleasant toasted malt, with a slight coffee background. The flavor is a wonderful balance of roasted malt with a bit of a sweetness, nice bitterness from the hops.

This medium bodied dark beer has great carbonation and finishes with strength. Great aftertaste.

Brewed by: Mexicali Beer


Red Pig Mexican Ale - Alcohol 5.5%

Our craft brew…is bright, deep red copper in color. This ale is very aromatic, intensely floral-hoppy, lightly sweet and malty. This full bodied ale offers a very pleasant high bitterness, with smooth sweet malt character, creamy head with good carbonation, and with an excellent bitter sweet finish.

Brewed by: Mexicali Beer