BGS Intertrade Ltd. began in 1999 as BGS Export & Import Co.
Founded by Dr. Ihor Birka

       Our main purpose is to import the finest alcoholic products to
       North America from around the world. BGS holds all of the
       required licenses to import alcoholic beverages, which allows
       us to bring some of the best beer, wine and liquor products
       from around the world to the North American market.

February 14th 2009
      BGS Intertrade Ltd is very excited to announce the NEW release of two great wines to VINTAGES from the Groenland, South African winery.  Check out your local stores for these pristine and regal award winning wines; Groenland Shiraz 2004 and Antoinette Marie 2005!!
Taste South Africa at its best, where new and old world meet with these two well-priced, food-friendly wines.  Please visit VINTAGES ONLINE to further explore this adventure!!! Cheers!

September 1st,2008
       BGS Intertrade Ltd is very excited to announce the addition of a great Premium Brewery to our ever-growing portfolio.  Everyone at BGS Intertrade Ltd. would like to officially recognize Svyturys as our newest family member.  Welcome, and please visit your local LCBO stores and try Lithuania’s Premium beer; EKSTRA.  We will keep you posted with this wonderfully flavored line of different quality beers.

August 1st,2008
       BGS Intertrade is proud to announce two NEW products have arrived in selected LCBO stores!!!  Ochakovo Premium Lager is awaiting meeting your taste buds, hurry shelves are emptying quickly and the summers end is rapidly ending.  Pair your next BBQ steak with this refreshing crisp Lager. 
Vistamar Reserva Pino Noir 2006 has traveled to Ontario Vintages from the Casablanca Valley in Chile.  A treat on its own, it will also make a fine partner to ham or grilled salmon dishes.  BGS Intertrade is constantly working hard to attract premium products to the Canadian connoisseur, keep an eye on our site for our featured and future products!!! Cheers!  


April 20th, 2008
      BGS Intertrade is very excited to announce that the LCBO has placed their first order for Ochakovo Lager.  Coming soon, keep an eye out at your local LCBO stores for Russia’s home brewed taste from its finest independent brewery.  Summer is near, and nothing is more refreshing than a cold gold crisp Lager!!

April 16
th, 2008
      Officially here!!! BGS Intertrade announces Zelta Premium Lager has now traveled to the East coast.  Zelta is now available through the SAQ in Quebec and at the Economy Shoe Shop, (Argyle Street) Halifax.  Please enjoy the taste!

April 17
th, 2008
Fans gearing up for a ‘wild’ week

Latvian lager lovers headed to Halifax hockey tourney

By JOHN GILLIS Staff Reporter

Thu. Apr 17 - 4:48 AM

Canadian fans in red and white are invited to join Latvian fans in maroon and white for an Aldaris Zelta — a Latvian lager — at the Economy Shoe Shop at the upcoming world men’s hockey championship.

The Argyle Street bar in Halifax will be party headquarters for a contingent of more than 1,000 Latvian supporters descending on Halifax for the May tournament.

On May 2, Latvia’s first game is against the seventh-ranked Americans. 

The world’s 10th-ranked team may not have the star power of the Canadian squad, but it’s backed by a nation of equally rabid fans, said Robert Dambergs, a Halifax architect of Latvian descent who’s become the point man co-ordinating festivities for those crossing the ocean to take in the tournament.

"They’re avid fans," he said Monday. "They’re going to be painted up with flags waving. For a week, it’s going to be wild here.

"I think it’s going to be very much on the shoulders of the fans to get the team fired up."

He said a U.S. loss would help the Canadians, so he hoped hometown fans would join the overseas visitors in cheering on the Latvians.

The country of about 2.5 million is slightly smaller than New Brunswick and first joined the International Ice Hockey Federation in 1931.Latvia has a strong hockey history, including the successful Riga Dinamo team from the era when it was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, according to a history of Latvian hockey by Ontario freelance journalist Viesturs Zarins.

The country has produced a handful of National Hockey League players, including defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh, who’s on the roster of the San Jose Sharks and Raitis Ivanans of the Los Angeles Kings.

Riga, Latvia, hosted the world hockey championship in 2006.

An online Baltic newspaper says that when Latvia played Russia at the 2000 world championship, Parliament broke so politicians could watch the game at a nearby bar.

Latvia beat the Russians 3-2.

In addition to the Latvian beer, which Mr. Dambergs hopes will give locals a taste of that country while the visitors sample Nova Scotia ales, the festive nights at the Shoe Shop will include music and hopefully food from the country.

Entrance is free to anyone in a hockey jersey.

"I want the Canadians and Haligonians to come to that pub to get a feel for what Latvians are like," he said.

Mr. Dambergs, whose family came to Halifax in 1954 so his mother Mairdza could set up a ballet school, said he’s been busy playing tour director, while Ludmilla Glazunova and Inese Krumina co-ordinate the plans on the other end.

Those Latvians will include Margers Krams, ambassador to Canada, who is excited to see so many of his countrymen gathering here at once. 

He said they may not make up a big proportion of tournament-goers, but they will be visible."They will be definitely in the hockey mood," he said. "That means you will see a lot of Latvians walking around in the national colours."

Mr. Krams also plans to hold a business seminar during the tournament to encourage ties between Halifax and Latvia. 

Latvia’s second game, against the host Canada, is May 4, the anniversary of the day in 1990 the country declared independence from Soviet Russia. The team’s third match is May 6 versus Slovenia.

Mar. 1st, 2008
       BGS Intertrade Ltd is very excited to announce the addition of a great Premium Brewery to our ever-growing portfolio.  Everyone at BGS Intertrade Ltd. would like to officially recognize
Mexicali Beer as our newest family member.  Welcome, and please look forward to tasting this wonderfully flavored line of different quality beers.  

Dec. 8th, 2007

       BGS Intertrade Ltd. is entering the Eastern Canadian market with Aldaris Zelta.  We are proud to announce that Aldaris Zelta has been approved for sale in SAQ stores in Quebec.  BGS Intertrade Ltd. is constantly working hard to broaden the territorial scope for our products.  Expanding product branding allows us to fulfill the increasing demand for our products nationwide to accommodate all our thirsty consumers.

Press release 3.12.2007

Saku Porter

Best Estonian Winter Beer

Saku Porter was chosen to be the best Estonian winter beer

Sixteen beer specialists from Estonia and Finland blind tested Estonian dark beers

and estimated Saku Porter as the best Estonian winter beer. Saku Porter differed

from other contestants with its more velvety and sweet taste.

Jury highlighted Saku Porter’s rotund and sweet taste which makes it well suitable as an appertizer; as being served with desserts, chocolate, cheese and Christmas dishes.

According to the chief beer-maker of Saku Brewery, Enn Kärblane, Saku Christmas beer is with its aromatic and rotund taste very similar to port-wine. „Saku Porter is beer which we brew with special love and care because we consider it as the carrier of our Christmas traditions. We wish to enrich the Estonian beer market with our porter, using special brewing methods, raw materials and three months long lagering,” remarked Kärblane.

Nine different beer marks were blind tasted by sixteen beer experts and hobbyists. The nomineés included winter beers from Saku, A Le Coq, Wiru Beer and Puls. After Saku Porter the second place was given to A Le Coq’s Christmas Porter and third to Saku Dark

(Saku Tume).

Saku Porter is the most classic Christmas beer and is prepared from water, light caramel and coffee malt, humulus and barm. Usually it is made only once a year – during Christmas. ”Some years we have enlarged the amounts of Porter to follow the needs and expectations of our clients and the fans of Saku Porter,” added Kärblane High dense and brownish foam is distinctive to Saku Porter and it suites perfectly with stronger meat meals.

Beer experts have acknowledged that certain beer types are characteristic to different seasons. Spring is dominated by bock type beer (dark lagerbeers with 6-7% volume), summer is the season of light and pilsner type beers; dark beers and porters are most popular in winter time.

Annual estimation of Estonian dark beers is organized by Olutsilta which encourages the development of Finland and Baltic beer culture. Its purpose is to expand the cooperation between Finland and Baltic States and to introduce Baltic beers in Finland. Olutsilta was instituted in Helsinki in 1995 during Estonian Independence Day celebrations. At the moment it unites more than 300 Finnish, Estonian and Norwegian beer enthusiasts.

The best Estonian dark beers in 2007:

1. Saku Porter – 140 points

2. A.Le Coq Jõuluporter - 127,25 points

3. Saku Tume - 121,5 points

4. A.Le Coq Porter – 115 points

5. Tõmmu Hiid - 100,75 points

6. Palmse Tume Eripruul - 100,25 points

7. Wiru Talveõlu - 96,5 points

8. Puls Tume Lager - 96 points

9. Puls Jõululegend - 95,25 points