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Bodegas Protos


This is a wine with well-balanced mouth entry providing freshness through the mouth and leaving the palate with a clean and pleasant reminiscence. It shows a cherry colour with violet hints. Fruity aromas with some floral hints characterize this wine. It is also elegant and surprising.


This wine gives plenty of fruity hints on the palate with a smooth and frank trip through the mouth and an elegant long aftertaste, leaving the sensation of its big brothers reminiscence. This is a cherry colour wine with violet tones. On the nose this wine has subtle aromas resembling red fruit proper of Tinta del País variety, lying on a light background of vanilla hints with wood influence.


Broad on the palate with even and very fine tannins. It has a long aftertaste leaving a very subtle light toast hints in mouth typical of a real Protos. This wine shows bigarreau cherry colour with purple tones. Ripe fruit aroma ( plum and blackberries) with clean and frank oak roasts on the nose.


On the palate, this wine is velvety and fleshy, full-bodied and with good backbone thanks to its fine and elegant tannins. Wood and wine amalgamation is perfect accomplishing a hard to split marriage where neither of them stands up. This is a dark cherry colour wine showing red brick tones on the rim. Complex aromas of black fruit giving a sense of vanilla reminiscence on the nose. As the minutes go by appealing spicy background and roasting glints form a complex but yet elegant bouquet.


Deep Bigarreau-cherry colour with violet edges. Intense and complex bouquet with plenty of smoky and spicy hints on a background of ripe soft fruit. An ample and agreeable mouth with very ripe tannins. It develops a whole range of gustatory nuances in bottle aging.

On the palate, it is round and velvety with lineage and outstanding fine tannins. With smooth finish typical of those of the same category, and an elegant and lingering aftertaste it leaves a hard-to-forget reminiscence while in mouth. It shows an intense cherry red colour with plenty of brick-red glints. Complex on the nose suggesting wild fruit aromas. As the bouquet changes with time captivates the senses that discover new sensations as time goes on.


Bodegas La Emparatiz - Rioja

Finca La Emperatriz Tempranillo
Finca La Emperatriz Rosado
Finca La Emperatriz Viura

Vinos Con Crianza
Finca La Emperatriz Crianza
Finca La Emperatriz Reserva
Finca La Emperatriz Blanco Fermentado En Barrica

Finca La Emperatriz

Rudeles Winery - Spain

Rudeles Cerro el Cuberillo
A wine very concentrated, with a good balance between fruit and the toastings of the wood. A end in very long mouth.

Rudeles Seleccion
Of dark red color. With aromas of very mature red fruit. A very powerful mouth.

Rudeles Original
A very afrutado and fresh wine. With an entrance in smooth and pleasant mouth.

Valdebonita Albillo
Of greenish yellow color. With very fresh citrus notes. A great structured mouth.

Finca Viladelops Winery

Finca Viladellops 05 - white barrel
It was a year of early maturation, which means that it was early in year that the grapes were in favourable conditions for their optimal development. It was reached a good alcoholic maturity and an excellent maturity of the skin. Xarel.lo 13 (48%) - Xarel.lo 9 (22%)- Xarel.lo Rosado 103 (30%)

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