In addition to our LCBO and SAQ carried products, we are also the exclusive Ontario representatives of the following Spirits and Ciders.

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 Alcohol content 40,0%vol.

Tall, clear, elegant – the real Queen of Vodka, created to represent our vodka production on the foreign markets. This super premium class vodka is produced according to a special recipe. The excellent smooth taste ot The Tall Blond Vodka is guaranteed by high quality grain spirits and specially processed water. - Estonia  


Viru Valge   www.liviko.ee

Viru Valge has witnessed both important national events and people's everyday joys and troubles. It is distilled from high quality grain spirits and specially processed water, which give the product its soft, pure taste and fragrance. Viru Valge has become the best known and most reliable vodka in Estonia.

Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 - gold medal

Strength 40% vol.

Latvian – Kurland Vodka


 The name of this brand comes from one of historical regions of Latvia, situated in the west by the Baltic Sea,Our natural grain vodka Kurland stands for the thoroughness of the old traditions, the riches of nature and experience of masters.

Alcohol – 40%



Vodka Arsenitch is a direct result of the great-grandson’s dedication to his famous ascendant and delivers all the qualities for which the honourable name is renowned for. Imagine everything a drink could bring you and then exceed this expectation with Arsenitch vodka. In a ceremony of the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London on 20 July “Arsenitch” vodka was announced as the Best in class of vodkas with alc. 40% vol. in 2006..


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Vana Tallinn  www.liviko.ee

Vana Tallinn is a dark brown strong liqueur with a mild rum taste. The liqueur has a vanillin, slightly exotic and velvety taste, characterized by several natural ingredients, including citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla, as well as rum.

Vana Tallinn is recommended to drink straight, without any additional components, with a cup of coffee. Even without a hot drink, we recommend to drink Vana Tallinn straight, adding just crushed ice. The liquer is also an excellent component in cocktails.

Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 – trophy /alcohol-40%


Vana Tallinn Cream    www.liviko.ee

Vana Tallinn Cream Liqueur combines the traditional unique Vana Tallinn rum and citrus taste with the freshness of cream. Enjoy it on the rocks or added to coffee.

The smooth flavour of Vana Tallinn Cream Liquer is a mixture of flavour of rum and citrus fruit of genuine Vana Tallinn and the freshness on sweet cream.

Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 - gold medal / Alcohol 16%

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream  www.liviko.ee

Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream blends the finest quality Vana Tallinn liqueur with silky smooth cream and chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Vana Tallinn chocolate-flavoured cream liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to romantic summer nights and fairytale winter days. It can be enjoyed on its own, with ice or alongside a bitter coffee.

Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 - bronze medal / alcohol 16%


Vana Tallinn Orange Cream www.liviko.ee

Mild, velvet cream and exotic orange add a fresh twist to the finest quality classic Vana Tallinn liqueur. The pleasant aroma and flavour of Vana Tallinn Orange Cream will turn more than a few moments into once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Enjoy the liqueur on its own or with ice.

Estonian Spirit Challenge 2006 - silver medal / alcohol 16%



Kiss Ciders – Estonia   alcohol – 4.5%  www.saku.ee

Kiss Cherry

Following Europe’s latest trends, KISS Cherry is refreshingly juicy and surprises with a pure and delicate taste of cherry pulp.


KISS Pear cider is based on domestic fruit-wine. It is a light and refreshing drink of good mood that has a perfect taste of home-garden pears.

KISS Wildberry

The fresh air of deep forests is filled with elusive mystery and ancient aromas. KISS Wildberry is a flawless combination of wild berries that can turn even you a bit wild.


KISS Sweet Spice

KISS Sweet Spice is an innovative drink, which uses an unusual combination – cider and spices, sweet and hot side by side! Sweet Spice cider contains only natural flavorings.

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